Probiotics for women

Probiotics for women, we see this term every time we enter our local pharmacy, but most of us have no idea what are they good for. While probiotics in general contribute greatly to the digestive system of every one of us, probiotics have an extra function when it comes to women’s health. As we all know, bacteria are present everywhere in our body, and are separated, roughly speaking, to “good” and “bad” bacteria. Dissemblance in this bacteria ratio, or simply, the decrease of “good” bacteria in our body, results in infection and a whole range of health concerns.

probiotics for womenIn a woman’s body, urinal and vaginal tracts are also full with bacteria, which keep the flora healthy. However, due to a wide variety of factors, both internal (poor diet, stress) or external (bad bacteria that has migrated from the colon), the amount of good bacteria may diminish and cause inflammation, bad odor or simply itching.

Probiotics for Women – What is Needed?

This is where probiotics for women come into picture. By simply supplying the body with the types of bacteria it needs, women can naturally combat the aggressive and destroying bacteria. While in today’s traditional medicine we often see doctors prescribing antibiotics in order to fight the very same symptoms, which destroy both good and bad bacteria altogether, probiotics for women, are a natural choice with no side effects, since it supports the body’s natural resources without causing any damage.

A common misconception though, is that eating yogurt is an equally beneficial solution. While yogurt does have a similar function, it contains 30x less lactic acid producing bacteria, compared to supplements that are sold over the counter or on the internet, where the amount of probiotic is massive, and can almost instantly improve the PH level in woman’s intimate parts.