Cat Probiotics Restores Natural Gut Health

Cat probiotics are a relatively new concept. There are far fewer studies about the beneficial effects of probiotics for animals, the studies that do exist have found that probiotics have the same positive effect on animals as they do on humans. There are many cats who need extra help with digestive and other health issues. Cat probiotics have helped solve these problems.

Cat ProbioticsA healthy gut has plenty of these friendly bacteria. Problems begin when they are challenged or outnumbered by anything from use of prescription drugs, especially antibiotics, an inadequate diet, a compromised immune system, or stress. Additionally, environmental toxins such as pesticides or chemical pollutants can also damage intestinal health. Even natural events such as the aging process can impact the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Cat probiotics promote a balanced and healthy bacterial population in the gut, which is important for complete digestion and general well-being.

Cat Probiotics for Gut Health

Cat Probiotics are friendly bacteria needed in order to keep pathogenic bacteria from taking over and wreaking havoc on your pet’s system. it keeps your cat’s immune system strong.  If bad bacteria overruns your cat’s digestive tract, it opens the door not only to a host of GI-related disorders, but also other serious illnesses.

Cat probiotics are of special importance in cats with any type of digestive problem, including vomiting, hairballs, diarrhea, and constipation. Cat probiotics are particularly useful for allergies, including atopy (inhalant allergies), food allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease.

It’s easy to add probiotics to your cat’s diet. While many owners and breeders recommend adding a tablespoon of yogurt to the food, this simply adds extra carbs and sugars to the diet, but not enough probiotics to have any beneficial effect.  It is better and simpler (and definitely more cost-effective) to buy cat probiotics in powder or capsules and add them to the food. Fortunately these supplements generally have little taste and are readily accepted by most cats if mixed with canned or homemade food.