Best Probiotics for Men

So what’s all the hype about the best probiotics for men? Are they really good for men? According to Dr. Oz, probiotics can help those who are lactose intolerant, help build the body, reduce cholesterol, and help alleviate gastrointestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, excess gas, and constipation.

If you think that yeast infections are just a plague for women, think again. Although male yeast infections are much less common than yeast infections, they do happen. Yeast infections can be spread to men through sexual intercourse. The use of Lactobillus acidolphilus, one of the best probiotics for men helps rebuild the body. Some research suggests that taking L. acidolphilus may help to prevent yeast infections.

Best Probiotics for Men

Another common misconception is the idea that only women get urinary tract infections, male urinary tract infections (UTIs) are less common than UTIs in women. If you have ever experienced that burning sensation when you urinate, then you understand the pain of a UTI. Men over 50 are particularly susceptible, due to common prostate issues. A growing body of research suggests that probiotics for men may play a key role in the prevention of UTIs, especially recurring UTIs.

Probiotic for men offers a promising assistance. Researchers confirm the cholesterol-lowering effect of probiotics, including a review of research published in Experimental Diabetes Research in 2012. This review pointed out the effects of specific strains of probiotics, including L. reuteri (lowers triglycerides), L. acidolphilus (removes cholesterol), and L. plantarum (cholesterol assimilation). A number of other strains were also listed. Because cholesterol and triglycerides are major factors in heart disease, this information provides great motivation for men to include probiotics in their daily regimen.

The best probiotics for men help in the building of bones. In a study at Michigan University conducted on mice, male mice fed probiotics showed a significant increase in bone density after four weeks. Interestingly, the same was not true for women. The bone-building effects of probiotics is a man thing.

The best probiotics for men also play a major role in helping to maintain a balance between the gastrointestinal floras. The gastrointestinal tract is an area in which probiotics really shine.

The Bottom Line

Although this was just a brief sampling of the beneficial effects of the best probiotics for men, it should provide plenty of motivation to start supplementing your diet with probiotics, ensuring men get the strains that they need to maintain optimal health.